Saturday, March 28, 2009

All About Us

We are two of the best dogs in the world. My name is Snuggle and I have to do this blogging because my big brother Petey is very mad right now. I came to live here last week and he is so jealous. If any of you know what my mom & dad can do to make it all better please tell us! I want to PLAY with him SO BAD! My mom is so sad because it hurts her to see her Petey unhappy. She gives him lots of love & attention but he still doesn't like me and its like he is depressed. Help!

My New Home

Hello! I'm new here to this blogging stuff so help me if I do it wrong. OK? My name is Snuggle and in these pictures I am 10 weeks old. I'm bigger now 'cause I am 11 weeks old! Really I am. My human mom still thinks I'm a baby but thats because I have only been living with her and my human daddy one week. They think I am so little and so sweet and they are RIGHT ! I am looking forward to lots of adventures with them and my big brother Petey. He is a mix of Beagle & Bull. He doesn't like me yet. He is nine yrs old and has been an only "child" here so he is very jealous. What can we do to make Petey feel better? I want him to be happy so we can PLAY!