Monday, May 11, 2009

Relationship Update

That's me giving my Petey a big ole kiss. He has been allowing me to do this for a couple of weeks. Especially now because Petey was recently hurt in our yard. Petey is a total defender of his property. Evidently a big, nasty animal invaded it. Daddy said it was a Nutria. Its an animal that is native to South America but was brought into our state a few years ago. Its like a souped-up Muskrat! Really big with long nails and beaver like teeth! The Nutria was found dead and Petey was beaten up! He had to have stitches under his eye and he has puncture wounds on his neck and back. He hasn't been feeling so good either. Sooo, he lets me love him. Those Nutria like lakes, ponds, and streams so I guess we have to be on the look out for more. I cannot let my Petey get hurt again. He finally loves me and I don't want to lose that!
In other news I am making friends in cyber space! I love to keep up with my Puggle Pals. Maybe someone could tell me if I'll ever get out of this chewing stage?! My latest "snack" was my mommy's footboard. It was so tasty! Also, I'm being kennel trained and I go outside to potty but I still like to sneak in a little pee-pee inside. Mommy watches me like a hawk but somehow I can out maneuver her at some point and DO IT. What great fun (She doesn't think so). What is she supposed to do to break me from these sneaky times? Help her please. She is at wits end (Again!). Just when she has just about had it I'll let her see me like I am in this bottom picture and her heart melts all over again. I'm just so precious.
Its raining outside, dark inside, and cozy, and that's my clue for a quick nap. More sniffs later, Snuggle

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crowning of the Princess

My mommy finally gave up and she proclaimed me the ruler of the house! She said I am now officially a Princess! What she doesn't know is that if I find an eligible puggle boy to marry then I will be a QUEEN! But thats pretty far done the road unless of course she has me fixed first. Thats scheduled for June. Guess I'd better get to work on finding Mr. Right Puggle. Princess is ok though. I still rule things. I do get into a lot of mischief but I can get around that. All I have to do when I've been bad is look up at her and beg to be held and cuddled. She falls for it EVERY time!
Yesterday was pretty miserable. I had to stay locked up in my kennel for a long time. Mommy went to a family reunion and dog children were not allowed. That crowd sure missed out by not letting me and Petey attend. We sure could have ramped things up a bit for those old people.
Its nap time and I'm sleepy. Heck, I got up this morning at five o'clock and haven't slowed down until about 10 minutes ago. Yawn. Excuse Me! Better go rest up for more adventures. Licks & Sniffs, Snuggle