Friday, April 10, 2009

Aspirin/Zantac Scare

Last night my dad dropped a pill & didn't know whether it was an aspirin or a zantac. I ate it! Scared my mommy and she called animal poison control. She was most afraid it was zantac I had swallowed; turns out the aspirin is more dangerous. It was a long night with her watching out for signs like my vomiting, or having bloody poo-poo, or having trouble breathing. I never had any symptoms (thank goodness). A lesson was learned though. Puppies should never have aspirin! It is very toxic and I could have (sigh) DIED! So listen up all my fellow puggles: stay away from people pills---THEY COULD HURT OUR SWEET SELVES! My mommy was so relieved this morning when I was running around wide open like my usual self. Her relief was short lived though: I ate another china berry today (those things might be deadly but boy they are so good!)Mommy says she is about ready to keep my locked up forever if I can't stay out of trouble. (That woman is a hoot. I know she talks a mean game but I know she loves me so much).

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  1. Hi Rose, Whew...glad to hear that you are okay. My puppy trainer told us not to eat human pills and encourage mommy and daddy to train us not to eat anything off the floor. I have mastered that, you can too!