Monday, April 27, 2009

Instructions for new bed use

As you can see Petey and I are getting along much better. My mommy says its because he has resigned himself to the fact that I'm here to stay. He doesn't make any waves anymore regardless of what I do. In fact he is protective of me when the big dogs come over to play. Life has been really good except for this HOT weather. My mommy loves it but its too hot for Petey and me. We can only stay outside for 15 min at the time. Thank goodness I can run around REALLY fast when it gets almost dark and a little cooler. I am still having "accidents" in the house. I just get SO excited and can't help it. I'm ringing that bell for her to take me out but she is too slow. I want to go ahead and DO IT so I can get back to my important playing. My daddy and mommy like to sit on the porch in the late afternoon but I can't because I run straight to those good ole china berries if I'm in the back yard. They ordered a baby gate to hold me in on the porch. ME? A baby?
My mommy says a human baby doesn't eat furniture and they wear diapers and they don't pull things down or run away. Poor little human babies. They must be so bored! God sure blessed me to make me a puggle puppy so I could live here and keep my mommy occupied 24/7. Uh oh, I see her at the computer and she doesn't need to get too comfortable because I don't want her to get spoiled. Got to keep her on her toes! Lots of Licks & Puggle Kisses, Snuggle

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