Monday, April 6, 2009

Peace at Last - Red Letter Day

Look at us! Unbelievable! Petey still won't play with me but now he will let me sit beside him. Great improvement. I think he sees Lady and Wally playing with me and he has decided there is no need for him to use his energy. Its supposed to be cold tomorrow so we won't be outside much. It'll be a good time for me to either really make him love me or really get on his nerves.
I found a great new toy today. Mama Joan was cleaning her closet and dropped a plastic clothes hanger. Naturally I grabbed it and took it under the bed with me with all my other treasures. It was great! I have chewed on that thing all day. Uh oh, just remembered that I took mama's shoe under the bed. Better get it out so she can take me to potty. Barks with love, Snuggle

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