Saturday, April 18, 2009

Great Day in the Neighborhood

Am I getting BIG or what?! I bet 'cha I might even be a whole 8 lbs now! I must be big cause today I ran and played outside almost ALL DAY. Well, I did get tired a couple of times and my mommy made me take a nap. She says that is the only way she can get anything done these days. Anyway, back to these two the picture of me sleeping I had only been here about a week, it was taken the 27th of March. The other picture was taken today. I LOVE that tennis ball! We played catch for a LONG time. My friends Lady and Ellie and Wally came over...but they mostly hung out with Petey. My mommy says I won't get as big as they are but that's ok because I have a Big Heart and I love everybody so maybe that will make up for me being little. I kind of like being little right now because my mommy gave me just the perfect name: my most favorite thing to do inside is SNUGGLE! I ALWAYS want to be picked up and loved and hugged and kissed, especially just before I go to bed and always when I wake up. I sure wish Petey could pick me up because he is my hero and I love him more than anybody or anything....except maybe my toys...nah, I do love Petey best. Time for mommy is really tired from working in the yard today...I can't wait for tomorrow.....Licks, Snuggle


  1. HI! Don't think we met yet. I am Mr. Puggle and there is a posse of puggles at my blog if you want to hang out.

    Glad you had a happy day in the neighborhood!

    Mr. Puggle

  2. Thanks Mr. Puggle! I know I'll be in good company with you and your gang! I have tried to send you a picture but don't know how. I will keep trying. You know us puggles NEVER give up until we get what we want. Oh yeah, thanks for going to my blog. I am new at it. Any advice you could offer would be much appreciated. I also tried that slide thingy but I can't figure that out either. I don't know how to copy and paste and stuff. (Actually its my mommy that is so dumb, NOT ME!) Lots of Sniffs, Snuggle Puggle Rose

  3. Hello Snuggle, How are things between you and Petey?
    You are getting cuter and cuter!